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Queen's University Belfast

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Fitzgibbon 1999



The following is a photojournal of the 1999 Queen's Fitzgibbon campaign

The 1999 Queens fitzgibbon panel being presented with their kits by representatives of Top Secret Energy Drink


Queen's players preparing tactics

Centre forward Seamus Higgins confident of a favourable result

Unfortunately for the hurlers their effort and training came to nothing. DCU defeated them in the first round of the Fitzgibbon.

The team played as a unit, their spirit to fight on evident to the last, but for an unfortunate and harsh sending off Queens may have won. Hostilities on the field soon changed to friendship in the bar. The Queen's team became gracious hosts.


The Queen's Party

The Chairmans house

The party moved to the bot a favoured bar of the Hurling team

Hurling talk filled the air as Sean og Ohalpain and his brother Teu chatted to Queen's hurlers Ruari Mc Naughton and Paul Mc Cormac


Queen's Hurling club would like to thank Top Secret and Dick Luby for their support during 1999



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